Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Forest Creature - Edit 6

I didn't think I was really that into Fuck Buttons but lately I've been thinking I actually do like them, maybe the new stuff is fuller or something, but anyway, there's a similar rudimentaryness or obviousness to the stuff this Sheffield duo makes but hey of course that's not meant in a bad way, even if DIY musics can potentially prefer amatuerness to overtake awesomeness Forest Creature use their skills at the latter and build liquidy (almost) dance music that always comes off as if beamed from a satellite only to be captured inside broken pedals. Frustrated Analogue for sure. I do apologize for the Fuck Buttons link because it's really just that initial point that makes Forest Creature remind me of them; they span pretty weird textures and planetscapes (all heavy on the fake organic imagery) and sometimes just get plain dark on it (ie "Edit 5" all low bass percussion loops) and for all the geometric art that goes with, well, it's all pretty inexact like muddy lazers. Not really sure about lots of "British" bands but really liking this stuff.

[Forest Creature MySpace]

[Buy Frustrated Analogue from Blackest Rainbow]

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