Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Navajo Bixby is Judd Hower from Vincentown, New Jersey but he started this project in Vienna which might partly account for his interest in the cross-cultural -- Afropop harmonies, Californian surf and British Invasion pop swirl all around in this multicolored dream safari. There's also good feelings to be had in its 21st century cut-n-paste loop execution, and its overt love of 50s/60s guitar pop. The combined effect is strangely familiar and cross-generational, like yr grandad listening to old LPs while you blast some 'hot new mp3s' from yr laptop speakers over top -- it blends into a nice, all encompassing noise that is at once looking back, forward, here. Beginning jangly and straight-up, new/found sounds slowly bleed in creating some kaleidoscopic seasickness mid-song (including an oddly fitting Gene Wilder Willy Wonka sample) before recovering triumphant, care-free, spiraling over suburban savannah sunsets.


[Navajo Bixby Myspace]


nate said...

great find, dude. these are some seriously rad tunes

Adam said...

YES! I told Judd to send his tracks over to you and I guess it worked. I've done a couple posts about Navajo Bixby here but I'm glad to see someone else catching on!

Diane said...


shea said...

hahah sweet, thanks adam!

Anonymous said...

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