Thursday, September 17, 2009


Mick Boogie + Peter Bjorn & John - Last Night (feat. U-N-I)

So I guess Yeezy was the first to do it when he spat a sloppy freestyle over "Young Folks" on The Graduate mixtape a few years back. As sloppy as it was, Kanye singing - pre-autotune off key melodies over those bongos and that reverb-drenched whistling which were ubiquitous as fuck back in 06 did have it's charm. Fast forward to early this year and Drake perfected it with his remix...or cover? Or re-imagining? Wotevz, cause his well executed re-tinkering of PB&J's "Let's Call It Off" on So Far Gone, complete with catchy R&B hooks, presumably made a lot of his peers take notice. DJ-extroardinaire Mick Boogie definitely did and took it upon himself to curate a remix project of Peter Bjorn And John's Living Thing (though there's also the bonus of a re-worked version of "Amsterdam" from Writer's Block thrown in for good measure). Agitated, angular, sparse, percussive, rhythmic and just plain ol weird sometimes, I can't think of a better album to lend itself to the remix treatment. MCs and producers, pick apart the music and allow the pieces to fall back into place, albeit their way. Think Tetris as opposed to a 5000 piece puzzle. Sometimes things fit and sometimes they don't but it never stops making you wonder what could be next. And when the right pieces fit in the right places, you can't help but revel in giddy satisfaction.

[Mick Boogie Myspace]

[Peter Bjorn and John Myspace]

[Re-Living Thing can be downloaded free from Mick Boogie's website.]

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