Friday, September 18, 2009


Fuck Buttons - Rough Steez

It feels a bit "obvious" posting Fuck Buttons on a music blog but I'm interested in their new stuff which seems a lot more realized than the earlier works which personally I found sounded a bit too "rudimentary" or spare (or something). Also, I am DJing at their Newcastle gig this coming Wednesday (September 23rd - see below). I'm definitely pro-FB now though as they get more gnarled and closer to favs like Black Dice and Growing (the latter who they're now touring with). Really though, a track like "Rough Steez" and the way it comes out so squelchy and churning and packed full of the energy that never seemed entirely lived-out on Street Horrrsing, and throwing in the dANA-esque magazine stand rattles and Denny's jungle feelings. I think it's also the structure that makes it "really awesome". Also, on the record, "The Lisbon Maru" somehow channels the Casio chords my flatmate was playing while in a black wheel chair last night, moving back and fourth slowly and vaguely maniacally, but fills them up with that fractured colour and interest in the transcendent that let's face it we all look for sometimes.

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