Friday, September 18, 2009


Iibiis Rouge - How To Make A Flower

Iibiis Rouge - World Cup 82

This is real sky-y feeling rhythmic noise from members of High Wolf and Astral Social Club, straining the former's lighter and rolling neo-psychedelia through a grainier pond of mud and lava and splitting time between the latter's oily cosmicness (it plays out wobbly and cerebral). It's real transient, sometimes a bit toxic, subscribing to the "KFC as dark tower" kind of modern mythos and you can see that shit fly straight on by, it's turning into liquid, brown along with the new/old leaves. There's a fourthcoming LP on Dekorder in which these swirling hedonistic textures should fit right in, but for now I'm quite intrigued by this collab.

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