Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Bridezilla's hit-and-miss live show and celeb connects have so far earned them a bunch of hipster wrath but the toughest thing to swallow is gonna be that this album is actually pretty fucking great. There's a certain set of internet-based armchair critix who'll be pretty grumpy that the Cavefather's patronage of Bridezilla is based on actual talent rather than nepotism (which was obvs a retarded argument since it's been years since Nick Cave nurtured anything other than Nick Cave and a l'il bit of quick and dirty nepotism was clearly definitely never gonna change that), but anyway, fuck those fucks. Disregarding the fact that Bridezilla is an awful band name and Queen Of Hearts is an awful song title, this is some seriously sublime Cat Power-esque country noir: all stately and spacious with that downbeat kinda wistful vibe. Not slow, just leisurely. This record was produced by Galaxie 500 producer Kramer, who kills it, but the most surprising thing of all is that the whole sax & violin thing actually sounds pretty fucking good.

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