Monday, October 19, 2009


Laws - Shoot Wack Rappers

Mixtapes will always be a gamble. Having trawled through a shit tonne since the days of DJ Rectangle mixes in the 90s through to the metamorphosis of the medium into a vital self-promotion tool, I think I've filled my wack-shit quota at least 10 times over. Though having said that, I also like to think I've trained my ears enough to know when I stumble upon a gem. And Laws has dropped one on me. To be perfectly honest, I probably would've slept on his music if it weren't for the mixtape artwork. Besides being won over by faux-Star Wars theme, I also saw that he had the backing of DJ Smallz and super-producers J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. Based out of Tampa, Florida, Laws transcends his muggy environment and laces us with a variety sounds. The live drums, distorted bass and keys on "Rain" is the soundtrack to watching lightning fight with mountains and on "Shoot Wack Rappers", restrained aggression and a simple horn and drum loop meet to form brass balls on wax. Young but able, Laws delivers something substantial with oodles of promise.

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