Sunday, October 18, 2009


The Widow Babies are a four-piece band from Los Angeles who are into Minutemen and playing real fast and keeping their brief jams as clear and undistorted as an azure sky of deepest summer. There’s a lot that’s brief and clear about the Widow Babies, actually, especially relative to the bands they reference: Marnie Stern is one, only these guys get in and out in a fifth of the time; or Abe Vigoda, except with staccato yelps instead of hazy, layered vocals. There’s a kind of join-the-dots quality to tracks like Possibilities At Sea, which are rich in melody but kind of abstracted by the frenzied, hyperactive delivery. It takes some time to decode.

Jet Packs is the latest release from ace LA record olFactory which is home to other mad RQ faves like Foot Village, Rose For Bohdan and Abe Vigoda.

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Nick said...

RAD man, this band is awesome

christene said...

awesome! they are great live as well:

Widow Babies Live