Friday, October 16, 2009


Speculator - We Don't Give a Shit

Speculator - Fuck This World

Speculator - Peter Says

Can't stop jamming on these #1 hits from NY/LA duo Speculator who seem to scope out and scoop up some weird cultural ephemera and retro-futurist half-hits and repackage them into these completely sick pop gems. If you nabbed the second Friendship Bracelet mix you'll already be acquainted with "We Don't Give a Shit" which is totally "on some Peter Gabriel shit" with these world music samples, new age spirit and glossy 80s sheen, half-forgotten and hazed-out but all the better for it. There's some slow-rollin beats throughout "Fuck This World" which doesn't have any of the angered resignation the title might suggest, it's more of a glorious relinquishment; happily submitting to layers of vocal dream-loops, falling towards endless spaghetti highways where guitar reverb sounds like the sun reflecting off Lamborghini rooftops. Then there's the happy-go-lucky fuzzpop of "Peter Says" with its peppy drum machine and vocal oo ooh ooohhs speeding off towards a hopeful horizon. Speculator will soon release a split with excellently named New Yorkers Luke Perry (check back next week for some tunes, fingers crossed!), and a few hitz on Spanish-based Fater Disks. Choice!


[Speculator Myspace]

[Speculator/Luke Perry split out soon on Wet Merchants]

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