Thursday, October 22, 2009


MP3: The Twerps - Dance Alone

Oh man, wouldn't be great to be in the Twerps? I bet the Twerps have a great life, and if you were in the band, you could also be casually charismatic and drop lines like "I didn't know what to do, so I punched Bill. He should be alright about it", and play low-fidelity guitar pop songs (but in a 1959 way, not a 2009 way!) that everyone likes, which is no small thang because right now everyone has an opinion about low-fidelity guitar pop songs, and judging from the photos I've seen you'd probably also be a sensual mega babe, and who knows, maybe when The Twerps comes out on vinyl it'll come with a free download coupon for cancer cure. I don't know! But I know this: if you don't like the Twerps, you stand against everything this blog believes in, because they're our thing almost exactly, right down to the fact that they're releasing their debut EP on two of our best labels, Chapter and Night People. I like the bits where he shouts, too. Listen to the Twerps!


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