Thursday, October 22, 2009


Drekidd's out to make an impact on his first impression. Hailing from Inglewood, Cali and displaying that cocksure left coast swagger, there's also an NY feel to the proceedings courtesy of the boom bap drums and the wailing guitar licks bringing to mind some next-gen, Run DMC rock-style dynamics. Some srs scratch hooks also ensure that trans-coastal shit don't stop. Also eager to break from the current norm of marrying melody to rap music, ruggedness permeates Drekidd's style - lines are fired at you non-stop, all delivered with a hard-as-nails flow. And if all that wasn't enough to catch your attention, peep Kanye's "cameo" mid-song for a quick change of pace before the beat kicks in once again and stomps his mouth.

[Drekidd MySpace]

[The Fix mixtape is available for free download from True Connoisseurs.]

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Anonymous said...

ThIS track fucking rocks. Listened to it non-stop.