Thursday, October 22, 2009


This Melbourne-via-Canberra trio drop another brain-frying krautrock space jam from their much anticipated debut album. Kind of insane that it’s just three people generating this level of noise, because it’s not krauty in the neat, sparse way you’d hear on a Can record: the fiery vigour in the way Fast Forrest builds and builds and builds and builds sounds closer to Bitches Brew-era Miles Davis, all barely-suppressed squiggly freakouts. This track appears on an extremely limited teaser CD Bum Creek put together for Sound Summit – you can get it over at Chapter Music. It'll also be on a forthcoming edition of the terrific New Weird Australia series, ahead of the release of Bum Creek’s debut album early next year.

[Bum Creek MySpace]


Sippin on the meantime said...

hi peepz
that song is actually just on the limited cd and the next new weird australia..oh and this blog;^p , not album coming out next year

for my squiggles and fun


one bum of three

max said...

uh woops! fixed.