Tuesday, November 17, 2009


S-Preme (Feat. Amanda Diva & Esso) - Home

More of that quality Midwest swagger Chicago citizens seems to specialize in. Backed by some absolutely stellar production, S-Preme lays down his aspirations and spits tales of introspection, ego tripping and life as how he sees it. Likening his style to "surrealism", we're treated to verses heavy on metaphors and lyricism coupled with vivid images and colourful wordplay. Great hip hop always has the effect of making me move and bop the fuck out of my chair without even knowing and "Radio" did that after a few bars. It sparkles and eases effortlessly and along with "Home" shows the kind of promise S-Preme possesses. It's hip hop crafted with love and when Amanda Diva hits you with the chorus, you feel it.

[S-Preme MySpace]

[The Sicktape v.2 can be downloaded free from S-Preme's blog.]

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