Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Super fun cyborg micro-pop from Brooklyn's Matt Weiner, who splits time between this solo project Twins and his band of rulers Best Hits. Unsurprisingly, Twins is good buds with Luke Perry, and they have a split cassette coming out soon featuring three solo tracks each and a couple of collaborative forays thrown in the mix. Not sure where these songs come from, maybe a floppy disk found in some pixellated sidewalk gutter? A karaoke bar in 2088? The internet c. 1997? Also thrown in a hot new exclusive from Best Hits which is cool cos I remember playing them on the radio a while ago and totally forgetting about how good they are; super collaged swamp-step, all sorts of rainbow kitsch and fun bleeding into the soupy "Fantastic Lands 2", eat it up.


[Twins Myspace]

[Best Hits Myspace]

[Twins/Luke Perry split available soon from Wet Merchants]

[Twins Doubles LP available for free digitally here, hard copy through Peace Age]


JeffGoldblumLife said...

YEAH YEAH TWINS YEAH http://www.friendshipbracelet.us/2009/11/twins.html

shea said...


JeffGoldblumLife said...

~*u~*u*~*u*~ AINT U KNOW IT ~*u~*u*~*u*~

nick said...
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nick said...

'born sloppy' is a freeway classic

Anonymous said...

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