Monday, November 09, 2009


THIS JUST IN: Some people are born great, some have greatness thrust upon them and some take that greatitude and build a fucking party that will hopefully finally make a critical mass of people stop what they’re doing, drop shit all over the floor and CARE, because this new Zeal track is some cool fucking shit. It’s off the new New Weird Australia compilation which isn’t gonna be synonymous with accessible for a lot of people, but this totally is, with its driving percussion and melody and (oh god, I don’t wanna say it) vaguely Postal Service-esque vibe (but only in a cool downbeat suburban claustrophobia way, which they killed regardless of how Ben Gibbard can get fucked). The spiralling, apparently Anticon-influenced vocal layers here are crisp and hypnotic but it’s the production that steals the show: the droning saxophone slipping around like quicksand underneath, the cheap-sounding drum machine and organ fuelling the feeling of discontent.

[Zeal MySpace]

[Download New Weird Australia: Volume Three]

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