Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Fuck, Chad VanGaalen is all class. I wish I could be this supremely nonchalant when I’m doing everyday shit which calls for nonchalance, like taking pictures of dogs in the park or making small talk with my new neighbour outside my house or WHATEVER, but anyway Chad VanGaalen does it while composing & performing unfairly catchy indie pop jams about getting reincarnated as a car. And he sounds like he doesn’t care at all, but in a presumptuous way that means YOU HAVE TO, and you totally do because Chad VanGaalen is that cool. I bet if he ever worked as a stripper he would get down to Paint It Black or something! These trax are off a free EP of b-sides from CVG’s Soft Airplane album, but seriously, you guys, b-side or no, Corvette has a harmonica solo which could definitely be the best harmonica solo ever: still not sure how it turns from some warbly filler into this bizarre airborne shriek. Download it now since it's free!

[Chad VanGaalen MySpace]

[Download Soft Airplane EP for free!]

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