Monday, November 02, 2009


You might get the impression from Afxjim's name that he's some pop culture-recycling ADD freak, but you'd fortunately be wrong, because instead of mashing pop songs up with rap for people with no attention span, Afxjim mashes SENSUAL VIBES up with SOPHISTICATED AND NUANCED SONGCRAFT for lovers and those planning to love. This is real warm and attractive music which you could probably describe as "electronica-tinged folk" which is only slightly more helpful than no description at all, but what it means is that you can hear the fingers on the strings and be hypnotised by the gentle but consistent eclecticism: the rough group vocals and found sounds and Gamelan-esque percussion and everything. Through The Woods is a standout from this particularly impressive album from Sydney's Travis Baird, who's previously played in great folky outfits like The Woods Themselves, but the expertly employed electronic touches that define Blackout Music sure sound good on him, retaining and enhancing the intimacy of his compositions like the best of Tunng or Manitoba.

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