Sunday, November 01, 2009


Floating, sweetly psychedelic pop from Wellington’s Signer, more electronic dreamscape than glow-fi/hypnagogic pop/chill wave or whatever we’re calling it (can it not be chill wave?), despite Signer’s past association with Ariel Pink and Panda Bear. This is cleaner and fresher and it pushes forward unencumbered by tape hiss, nonchalantly referencing early noughts techno (or maybe not): sounds a bit like Chemical Brothers feat. The Flaming Lips – The Golden Path, only substitute Chemical Brothers with Squarepusher. This is a cool jam and surprisingly restrained, given it was recorded with the assistance of Mr Ryan McPhun of The Ruby Suns, who has a sometimes great, sometimes not tendency to let his chill vibes run wild over everything. This track, though, is full of perfectly-pitched contradictions: the euphoria is sincerely meant but muted, the floating ambience tightly measured.

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Morris said...

Much prefer chill wave to hypnagogic pop. Bleh (to both).