Thursday, December 03, 2009


There’s a weird kind of b-movie intrigue to this track from former Lola Flash singer Emma Russack. Lyrically, it’s all oblique and shit, hinting at some kind of larger narrative that might be something to do with love or danger or something while musically the song “cruises” along (I can think of no more suitable word) before gently fucking your shit up: it’s Lynchian in the way it interrupts warm, nostalgic vibes with moments of weirdness, like the sci-fi keyboard solo halfway through and the massively OTT stadium rock drum frenzy at the end. It’s showy, but for what it is, oddly spartan – one link to Emma Russack’s previous, Cat Power-inclined work. She’ll be on tour with the soon-to-be world famous The Middle East in support of her debut EP soon; check out the amazing cover shot below:

[Emma Russack MySpace]

[Debut EP out soon through Spunk]

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