Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Islaja (featuring Samara Lubelski and Blevin Blectum) - Junipero Mash

Last year at the Approximately Infinite Universe collab tour I heard Islaja let loose into this glitzed out dance jam halfway through a set of certainly foresty organics. You know those woods, maybe talked of too much but super imagistic and lucid in their ambience and atmospherics. She had mentioned this in a Drowned in Sound interview a few weeks earlier but GEE WHIZ this new colour and rhythmic turn was totally electric, helped by this amazing sequin top that she was wearing as she danced along, only half hiding some massive excitement. Samara Lubelski and Blevin Blecum were also behind this and I guess this new disco-length track is part of the results; three super expressive boundary pushers going off in even more vibrant directions. Nice skewed and distinctly moody jam. NEW NEWNESS. Lifted from a new NNF comp called Estrogeneration which also has new tracks from RQ favs like Valet (real nice lo-fi bass rumbles on this one), Inca Ore and U.S. Girls.

[Islaja Website]

[Samara Lubelski MySpace]

[Blevin Blectum Website]

[Buy Estrogeneration from Not Not Fun]

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