Thursday, January 21, 2010


Sky Juice - Slimescape (For James Ferraro)

Sky Juice - Empty Grave

Sky Juice - Can't Cross The Border

One of these is a homage to James Ferraro in its name and mesmeric city swamp feel but Zac Davis' Sky Juice's psych is way more downnn/anxious on the PCP feelings and bad trip wobbles, these super sparse and uneasy new jammers are aimed at capturing chemical drip back or maybe just Ohio culture rot of which one can only half-presume feels pretty much as these sounds, aimless friday nights, half-built commercial zones leaking out of these trebly guitar lines; see the video below for further evidence, it's a medly of the b-side songs from Hard To Kill, weird actually because even before I watched these clips I was thinking about Repo Man-era Emelio Estefez cos of those gnarled chords.

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