Sunday, January 24, 2010


Pretty exceptional narco-pop here from Pikelet, who's got a lot of practice in assembling loopy, trippy pop bliss in the first place. This, though, could be what's known as a "career highlight": droning, shuddering, fizzy brilliance that stimulates all the best bits of your brain relentlessly for two and a half minutes before quitting unexpectedly, leaving you wanting more like a depraved junkie. It's been a while since Evelyn Morris's debut album and along the way she's dabbled with some tropicalia sounds but here that influence has been tamed and subdued to amazingly smooth effect: this totally sounds like what was playing in Cowardly Lion's brain when he was maxin' and relaxin' in the poppy field.

[Stem out February through Chapter/Love+Mercy]

[Pikelet MySpace]

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