Wednesday, January 27, 2010


How to Dress Well & cokc dokc - Ready For The World

How to Dress Well & cokc dokc - Endless Rain

How to Dress Well & cokc dokc - When I'm On My High (For R. Doug)

How to Dress Well & cokc dokc - When I Want It

Lovely sonic lushness from Brooklyn via Köln. How To Dress Well & cokc dokc want to cocoon you in layers and layers of blissed-out, statically-charged, textural noise with an emphasis on ghostly, almost celestial melodies. Immediate, boundless, warm and ice cold all at the same time - think of a droned-out version of Sade's "No Ordinary Love" playing at the break of dawn in the middle of a forest. And in case you're wondering whey there's a plethora of tracks for you to peruse, it's because the dudes happen to be Weezy-esque in terms of work ethic having dropped 4x 3" CD EPs in the space of a few months, with a new release also just round the corner. So I've upped my picks from each of their releases in an attempt to get y'all caught up. Though my suggestion is for you to hit up HTDW's blog for their entire catalog, get throwed, put on something like Robocop, hit mute and loop those sounds over the top.

[How To Dress Well & cokc dokc MySpace]

[All How to Dress Well & cokc dokc 3" CD EPs can be downloaded free from their blog.]


how to dress well said...

sick!!! köln via brooklyn actually. thanks for the love.

gervin said...

I've slept on you guys for way too long. "Like In The Night How The Heart Becomes The Truth" has been essential listening for me as of late.