Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The Halal live experience is something to behold. Sweat, grime, tears, flesh, and constant, unhinged motion met with a sea of either bummed out straight faces or people dancing like they just discovered their feet. I've been privileged to have seen them rock parties and bodies hard in my city and I'm creaming over the new EP which is about to drop. I can hear shitty (but classic) horror movies, Sesame Street, unfuckwithable leather jacket types on cafe racers, crudely drawn pictures of teddy bears doin' it and shades of crack. It also sounds like Holgas breaking and people murmuring when a sweaty, hairy, beast of a man invades your personal space to share with you his FEELINGS. That happens to be one of my all time fave sounds BTW.

[Halal, How Are You? MySpace]

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