Monday, January 25, 2010



Raw Thrills - Why Can't I Say Let Go

Raw Thrills - You'll Have it Your Way

Zak Mering's Raw Thrills have already been spotlighted by one of our fave internet haunts Chocolate Bobka (and subsequently in some other terrific places), and whilst we generally avoid simply re-echoing the content of our cohorts, this stuff is so much fun that RQ seemed like a buzzkill without it. There's polyester synth lines, shimmering drum echoes and plenty of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun/Get into The Groove spirit surges in these hidden hits, showcasing Mering's perfect comprehension of '80s aesthetic sheen. It seems more than simple parody though, particularly after watching the above video for "Why Can't I Say Let Go" with its low-budget camerawork and kooky sense of (New) sincerity. Mering comes off as an outsider popstar, lost and desperate to live out the rolled-sleeve limp-wristed excess of past idols, and certainly showing signs of succeeding.

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nick said...

I have been listening to this song for like 20 minutes now...

nick said...

"rolled-sleeve limp-wrist"...amazing line

McG said...

good call on the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun tip. Dude covers I Want Candy on one of his latest CDRs. It kills.