Thursday, February 04, 2010


Sun Hotel - Swamp Thing

Young love is a motherfucker. I mean, the concept of love is enough to do my head in sometimes let alone the thought of marriage and in my case, the eventual mess of an early divorce. Though at the same time, I can easily see myself in the moment, thinking "fuck it" and saying "I do" without any doubt and without any thought of the repercussions. New Orleans' Sun Hotel explore the themes of this kinda shitty/messy love coupled with marriage and early divorce on their latest EP Team Spirit. And they do it in a way that I love - with wistful, heart on the sleeve, alt-country-esque, deep south swagger. Fans of Okkervil River, Magnolia Electric Co. and the like should dig this. Sounds tinged in shades of dark orange and brown, worn-in, earthy and reeking of cigarettes and Wild Turkey.

[Sun Hotel MySpace]

[Team Spirit can be downloaded free from their site.]

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