Thursday, February 04, 2010


Infinite Body - What They Wanted Was To Be Useless

Infinite Body - Lived On It's Knees (For Matt)

California's Infinite Body specialize in a super-harsh type of ambient (harsh as in it's density and numeracy of layers) that effortlessly form what has to be the aural equivalent of a hot summer's day, total lens flare/hand-to-block-sun/mini-epiphany type of stuff that reaches an uncontrived sort of transcendence or granduer. It's easy to see why No Age's Dean Spuntz would release this on his PPM label; definitely taps into the new-New Age free noise feelings ala Dolphins Into The Future that reach genuine relaxinatory/soaring heights via grittier/hyper-colour drenched moments akin to the freeform snippets of say Nouns or Abe Vigoda's Skeleton.

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