Friday, February 05, 2010


So psyched on this new 12" compilation assembled by our Californian chum Sam at Family Time Records. It feels like we've featured nearly every band on the roster, and for good reason; the dark sloppiness and teen hauntologies bottled up in bands like Blessure Grave, Trudgers and Strange Frames are totally our thing here at RQ, not forgetting Ancient Crux's slacker anthems or the ambient wave static of Kevin Greenspon. Deep Sht's rusted new hit "Mythmaker" dazes out in the best way with Tom Watson's breathy apathy and big slices of chrome fuzz, while Dollchimes decorate their post-punk with some teased-hair '80s goth pop sensibilities. The compilation's not all gloomy graveyard parties though, Norse Horse's "Shoot the Kids" features some suitably wonky sun-fried tropicalia.

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