Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The page for Jerusalem and the Starbaskets on their label website quotes some guy saying this record sounds like “the third Velvets LP played by The Terminals”; not a bad description for this tornado of wistful but totally joyous power pop glory. It’s elsewhere described as unfashionable, but even if that’s true now (doubtful; songs this good are never unfashionable, plus the production’s brilliant), it won’t be for long. Shit is devastating and totally immediate and probably minutes away from being everywhere. Like other recent power-pop successes (talking about Surfer Blood) it’s easy to link the influences (GBV, The Starvations), but fuck that ‘crypto rock illiteration’, just enjoy the fucking moment.

[Buy the Room 8 7” from De Stijl]

[Jerusalem and the Starbaskets MySpace]

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Kenny Bloggins said...

Wow... us and all my other favorite blogs (No Conclusion, etc.) are all up on these guys today. This track is amazing - can't wait to hear more!