Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Air Waves - Knockout Sept 2 Better

Really enjoying these great instant-classic-style short indie pop songs from Air Waves (who I first heard about via Underwater Peoples' Winter Review), an obliquely cosy guitar pop band from Brooklyn who remind me of lots of good things in a slightly scruffy/bedheaded sort of way ie family beach days, pizza, Dunedin pop, college radio that I never actually heard. I think there's tropicalness akin to the likes of Ducktails or Real Estate imbued in these songs that is still present even with the lyrics right at the forefront and somehow avoiding hackneyed sentiments. I interviewed Nicole Schneit over at Dazed Digital about that stuff just prior to their UK tour that starts this week! Dates at Air Waves MySpace.

[Air Waves MySpace]

[Buy Air Waves EP from Insound]

[Facebook Event (Newcastle upon Tyne)]

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