Monday, February 08, 2010


Kurt Weisman - New Blueberry Song

Kurt Weisman's Spiritual Hi-Fi blew me away last year with it's toy-like missions into blissful song, all messed up and squeaky voiced-fragile and really smacking of Solaris (or at least the lights and contrast from the early pond/grass textures to the space-age off-whites) sans the nightmarish qualities, replaced w/ Josephine Foster-style baroque . His voice is still Neil Young/Grandaddy high on the new one Orange but trips out on a more down 2 earth w/ off-key vocal meanderings and dawdling guitar lines, real nice and obliquely "madcap"/demented that give occasion for surprisingly wondrous moments, blueberry-fueled spirituality, it's my kind of weird, heavy on the antioxidants.

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