Tuesday, February 02, 2010


It’s like if the Rocky Horror Show was two minutes of Brad and Janet standing outside the gothic castle in the rain and 90 of the Time Warp: Frontier Gnosis starts with ominous synthesiser chords, but barely six seconds in the hypnotic, disco-esque beats fade in, suggesting party time in an ultra persuasive way. It’s a pretty immersive experience, this track, warm and fascinating; actually, so much so that when the beats drop out four minutes later it’s like jumping out of bed on a cold morning. Elsewhere on Many Mansions’ upcoming split with RQ faves Truman Peyote, Peaced Together, the vibe turns more to drowsy ambience and elsewhere still to freaked-out tropicalia/classick rock/folktronica (?!): real relaxing, good-times-oriented stuff, basically, and the perfect thing to have handy if summer ever returns to the northern hemisphere. Australia & New Zealand, you have no reason to not grab this right now.

[Pre-order Peaced Together now from Whitehaus Records]

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