Monday, March 22, 2010


Mind Rippers - Backdraft

A few new drops over at SKYMALL reveal this particularly bodacious combined jam from three of our favs: Speculator, Luke Perry and CH-Rom. Really makes sense that Nick from Speculator raved to me (in an upcoming interview for Tiny Mix Tapes) about getting stuck in 1995 w/ Johnny Mnemonic cos this one's straight up '95 excess that reminds me of being 11 years old at Hoyts 8 and walking past the space-age arcade game of the same film. Also check out the super beguiling sun-spotted/porcelain zoner from Wo (another from CH-Rom and other favs Twins) on SKYMALL it's real serene as well.

[Luke Perry MySpace]

[Speculator MySpace]

[CH-ROM Soundcloud]

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