Thursday, March 25, 2010


After having these two songs on blast for the past few days, I'm pretty pumped for the trio of EPs, DC representative Marky will be dropping within the next month. "Victory Lap" is apparently a vintage Kanye beat (cooked up circa his mixtape/College Dropout days) which Marky obtained through a mutual friend. It's certainly quiet a find and there's definitely a Dilla-esque/Just Blaze feel (LOVE those horns) which points to it's authenticity. As for Marky, dude's not gonna be rushed and rides the beat perfectly with laidback poise. Whereas "Victory Lap" was Marky in cruise control, "Rasta Monsta" sees him shifting gears and attacking another stellar beat with more eagerness, hunger, and even a little vulnerability. Also, my tip of the hat if you somehow manage to avoid getting Aloe Blacc's hook stuck in your head for the next few days. It's more infectious than than the flu. Getting it done with a quiet, self-assured confidence and seemingly disarming style, Marky's already won me over with just two songs. Kudos.

[Marky MySpace]

[Journey to Markyland, USA: Rest Stop 1 will be released on April 5th courtesy of 2DopeBoyz and OnSmash. Download Marky's music via his blog.]

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