Thursday, March 25, 2010


Polyester Raincoat - Christ 2

Polyester Raincoat - Mr. Diego

Andrea Schiavelli of Polyester Raincoat very kindly hooked me up with ONE MILLION of his jams for a small Impose 'byte' and it did take me a long time to get lost in them and actually understand them as they're kind of an anomaly; real murky ballads all shooting for a different feel but always big on the actual emotion/genuine feeling which is comes out only semi-submerged by Hollywood drippy weirdness and otherwise pretty clear/upfront. Ranging from broken silent movie crackles to more Madden/Lynchian introspection, here's one from Christmas Music and one from July Bell.

[Polyester Raincoat MySpace]


Anonymous said...

this shit is insanely good

nick said...

I love you Andrea

CH-Rom said...

i love you too(2) andre