Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Endless Endless Endless - West

I've been digging this Summer to Autumn transition currently taking place in Sydney which is probably why I'm really feelin' the latest EP from NY/Jersey duo Endless Endless Endless. Jams offering blissed-out creaminess with a warm sunset glow. The felt textures and blankets of distortion have got me completely wrapped up and cocooned while the touches of Gameboy DS glitch makes me assume that it's in some sort of retro-spaceship stasis. Comprised of one long jam split into three sections and followed by a reprise of sorts, their Things I Saw CDR (complete with a laser-cut talisman) sold out almost instantly but the band have graciously allowed free distribution of the record in mp3 form.

[Endless Endless Endless Site]

[Things I Saw is was available from Kimberly Dawn. Download it here.]

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Edward Lund said...

got this a few weeks ago; absolutely brilliant.