Monday, March 08, 2010


Lucky Dragons - Honeycombhouse 2

Quick heads up and a recent jam from longstanding polyrhythmic/colour drenchers Lucky Dragons ahead of their UK/Europe tour. Our bros at PRMNT Vibes are putting this one on in Newcastle upon Tyne as the closing party for the rad AV Festival (happening all this week and featuring Shogun Kunitoki, Cluster, Ashutiro Ito, Alasdair Roberts, Charlemagne Palestine, Will Scrimshaw and kind of a ridculously extensive amount of others). I imagine this will be as participatory and wide-eyed as the Wire review of a recent show sounded (w/ CDRs handed out to everyone so they can reflect the laser beam aka projector all over the place) especially since the hallways of the volunteer/DIY-run Star & Shadow has been turned into a New Age/sci-fi lounge (!). More "deetz" HERE.

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andrew said...

hmmm nice cluster playing live!

i haven't heard teir stuff since the early 80s though, so they might be bunk now.

richard said...

they're playing live at some massive indoor swimming pool so it should be pretty great!