Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Idiot Glee's James Friley calls it "post-doowop", which is a neat name for something that's actually kind of complicated to describe. It's super easy listening - more in the way that it's warm and pleasant and sort of exciting than in the way that's a type of radio station - but it's not totally easy-describing. It takes more than three words, anyway. It's definitely tropical, and James Friley's definitely a perfectionist. There's the same kind of calculated low-key sonic mindfuckery you can hear on Grizzly Bear's Yellow House, for instance, the deliberate slow-burn of audio intrigue that allows for a certain amount of spontaneity but sounds unmistakeably slaved-over. That works a treat here: the hazy, tropicalia vibe that washes over the whole EP keeps it sounding human, and James Friley's attention to detail ensures it never feels slapdash. You can buy it digitally or on vinyl now from Hop Hop. Awesome.

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Dr. Y.U. Thropplenoggin said...

Dear Sirs

I owe you a large debt of gratitude for this musical discovery, uncovered via The Hype Machine contraption.

I am always much enamoured of arcane sounds of the popular song format, specifically that of an acapella bent.

Certes, this unique musical blend is most worthy of a choice ejaculation: Huzzizzle!

More felicity anon,

Dr Thropplenoggin