Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Really vibing on these ultra-simple but highly effective garage rock jams from New Jersey legends Slow Animal, who have chosen to share almost nothing about themselves with the internet (hella enigmatic). One thing they have chosen to share is, um, the entirety of their debut EP, which is the kind of punk rock four song classic that everyone subconsciously spends their whole life waiting around for. Like other major RQ crushes Royal Headache, Slow Animal know that stupidly melodic 60s pop is one of the best things you can like as a songwriter, and it seems like they like that, because trax like Sitting Here and theFUNsun contain a bunch of the hooks that we need to go on, plus doo-doos and whoa ohs and that good shit.

[Slow Animal MySpace]

[Slow Animal Bandcamp]

This has nothing to do with Slow Animal. It’s literally a cover of a stupidly melodic 60s classic by this great Atlanta band and it’s haunting me.

[Gringo Star website]


Yair Yona said...

The little red riding hood sounds like a lost West Coast Pop Art Exp. Band track..

idssinfo said...

Thanks so much for this post, pretty worthwhile material.