Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Alright, listen to this bootleg (BOOTLEG!) of Royal Headache playing in the basement of an ex-call centre in Sydney from last Sunday night. It was totally spooky: they played this set that so comprehensively slayed it was like they reached out on some Na'vi shit and "saw us"; more specifically, what we the listening public circa 2010 want from our scrappy punk bands who always wear the same windcheater. This traxx which I don't know the name of carries on the soul/Motown vibe they have going on previous jawns, only MOAR: this is some seriously effective 50s pop, only it's heaps lo-fi and about halfway through you get such a punk rock tusk you need to take a break and go assault something, or something. Fuck me I can't wait for these bros to release an album.

PS, thanx times a million to Morris who recorded this set and has recorded shitloads more for his terrific blog!

[Royal Headache MySpace]


Anonymous said...

You write like a 12 year old.

max said...

No I don't.