Tuesday, April 27, 2010


G.o.D. Jewels (feat. Christian Rich) - Famous Girl

These tracks are butter. Slick but glittery and with just the right amount of warmth to make everyone in the room putty. Firstly, props to Dom Kennedy for assembling "My Sax" and bringing me back to the days of Digable Planets and smoked-out velvet lounge vibes. I love how each layer plays off each other, the way the "oooohs" and "aaaahs" prep me for a better outlook on life and the way Jewels tops it off with this kindof nonchalant, "fuck it" flow - "...cocaine for eons / my Air Max look neon / got ice cubes like O'Shea / i'm "Prime Time" like Deion / you pee-ons get peed on / like R. Kelly's theme song / got Margiela tees on / by Martin I seam on..." I have no doubt that if the beat were to be set on an endless loop, Jewels would just shrug his shoulders in that "yeah, so?" fashion and keep rapping. "Famous Girl", while still on that not-gonna-be-rushed theme is a different side of the coin. Airy synths, rhythms begging for a slow dance and Christian Rich stealing the girl you walked into the bar with. It's so damn smooth that you kinda wanna dislike it but it's just way too charming to deny. Debonair hip hop, anyone?

[G.o.D. Jewels MySpace]

[The Greatness Opens Doors mixtape is due for release within the coming months.]

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