Monday, May 03, 2010


Parallel Pyres structure their pop around precise, almost intricate keyboard loops, tinny percussion and vintage organ drone; it almost sounds mathematical until those cascading keys or hazed vocals splash some colour around the grid-like clockwork, like when you did bored-drawings in yr maths book to break up the geometric formalism of it all. It's a nice tension though, the deep hypnotic krautiness and the delayed flourishes of sound.

[Parallel Pyres Myspace]


Matt said...

this is really good! glad to hear someone keeping it both simple and real!

Anonymous said...

By "almost intricate," you mean one finger Casio tapping, right?

shea said...

yeah i get that it's simple but i was meaning ALMOST intricate in the way the notes & percussive bits are webbed together and sound kind of primitive/delicate. WHATEVR~~