Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Echo Lake - In Dreams

Phew, snooze you lose in the BLOG WORLD; first heard about this ultra reverby pop from London's Echo Lake via No Pain In Pop and got their second amazing track via email but got high/listened to Real Estate (first Newcastle summer day!) and overnight it's ALL OVER THE BLOG WORLD which is good because this dreamy pop is super Mary Chain hazy from the same modern school as Trailer Trash Tracy's, a kind of gritty romanticism that slides real well into summer (of course!). Looking fwd to more jams and live dates from these guys soon.

[Echo Lake MySpace]


Michaella said...

g vs b love = all over the internets, natch

have been enjoying this. super hazed and easy listening

ps. real estate 'reality' ep for real

Michaella said...
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Brinkkman said...

I did the same, got high on the first summer day and then went to see real estate, it was awesome!!