Sunday, May 16, 2010


Via YVYNYL / Delicious Scopitone: Maybe this new Baths video is a bit straightforward in its synestheticness (ie. about as glo-fi as it gets) but that's ultimately a good/aesthetically pleasing/worthwhile thing, a pretty spot on tag I would say, and this video with its colour blurs at the edges (such a sucker for this) and borrowed/fake nostalgia and SWIMMING POOLS is super lucid and as uncringingly nice as the song.

[Baths MySpace]


Mark said...

Baths is going to be huge. Crazy good.

Brian said...

dunno how much i dig the chillwave tag and aesthetic being attached to my dude baths. think he has way more staying power and musically in common with peeps like daedelus and bibio and flylo than The Washed Outs or Neon Bro.

btw, first time visitor to the site and it looks great. keep up the good look.