Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Golden Axe are a keyboard/waveform duo comprised of Chris Cudby and Daif Kent and they're pretty much my favourite New Zealand band around I think. These dudes have been kicking it for a while but have always felt a little bit elusive or intermittent, but anytime I manage to catch them live or hear a track somewhere I love to make that bold proclamation again and again. They're at their best on this new track FREE TIME; totally grin-inducing Gameboy melodic perfection w/ scuzzed-out keys and echoed vocal barks - perfectly accompanied by this Tim & Eric-style video (want that Garfield phone!) - this actually sounds and looks like lights through a smoke machine, flowers on a fake Greek plinth and day-glo "Leisure Zones".

[Golden Axe Myspace]

[Buy Free Time digital single from Golden Axe Bandcamp (only $1.50!)]

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