Tuesday, June 01, 2010


The Cool Kids - Volume II (Remix) (Feat. Like of Pac Div)

ORSM - The Cool Kids' new tape is out and it knocks hard. Following on from last year's Gone Fishin', which for me was one of the best releases of '09, we're treated to more syrupy, summertime gems. Lyrically, Chuck and Mikey are maturing - not saying there on some "30 Something" grown-man raps but when they spit, it's clear that there's more depth, the pictures are prettier and the imagery is as vivid as ever. Likewise with the beats. Largely produced by Chuck himself, the slow-mo, minimalist stomp is still there but I'm noticing more - lilting keys and guitars, lo-fi-ish textures, clever and subtle stop 'n go arrangements while keeping it all clean with some "space". "Systems" is riding music for private jets while "Volume II" is undeniably left coast, coming across as some sort of long lost, early 90s Bay Area gem. Also flying the flag high for the West, Like from Pac Div adds the cherry on top.

Oh, and The Finals start tomorrow. With all due love to the West who are holding it down at the moment - CELTICS, BITCH.

[The Cool Kids MySpace]

[Tacklebox is available for free download courtesy of Los Angeles Leakers.]

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