Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Could be imagining it, but I detect this scrappy Irish blue-collar (or something) vibe on this track, not unlike the theme to The Office. You know, Moses Campbell are doing the soulful thing with the acoustic guitars vs. super clean electric guitar riff & accordion buried way down (god, that makes it sound awful but it’s not) but then it’s also real frenetic and fuzzed out; feels like the kind of thing you’d listen to on a shit stereo in a cheap car when you were 17 years old and had no money. This band is basically a bunch of just-outta-high-school kids and I’m heaps into the “big question” they’ve made the title of this album: Who Are You? Who Is Anyone? So true. Their press release says “Live shows are packed with kids eager to spazz out”; of course they are.

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Anonymous said...

are u serious?
this somehow = irish blue-collar?