Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Eola - Chaosos

Eola - Famished Heads

RQ favs Tonstartssbandht are ripping it up all over Canada and the US (and maybe even Eastern Europe? WTF) in July and August and here we have a new community vibed-project and vocal/pedal only project from Edwin (one half of Tonstartssbandht) who somehow found time to lay these group echoes onto tape in rooms in Florida, New York and Brooklyn and it sounds like some wonky local gospel choir was practicing outside for some of this, others sound as if inspired by some of those Mississippi Records field recordings with "by the water" type lyrics funneling through the typically off-the-cuff absurdest chaos that hits this kind of shit mysticality.

P.S. There'll be info soon on the Rose Quartz x Friendship Bracelet unofficial CMJ showcase on October 19th in Brooklyn!

[Eola/Tonstartsbandht MySpace]

[Buy The Lord's Jam from Does Are]

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