Monday, June 21, 2010


Serious amounts of humidity up in these tracks from Christchurch, New Zealand's Mount Pleasant - perfectly realised exotic visions with a weirdly familiar charm; guess it's cos he's got his heart in the sahara and his body in the bedroom. Samples play out like mirages on the roof above yr bed; elusive rainforests, steamed-up vocal nectar & smoked-out polyrhythmic chants, floating drifter wooze. Download his latest album, The Flood from Mount Pleasant blog.

Psyched to announce that Mount Pleasant will be playing at the very first "ROSE QUARTZ PRESENTS" show on July 1st, with grunge sleeper With Moths and sweet dreamers Wet Wings. Also joining the musical trio will be Auckland's favourite droll stand-up comedian Joseph Harper, say whaaaat! I'll be spinning some suitably insular/peaced-out tunes in between bands as well. Kicks off 9pm sharp at the Wine Cellar in Auckland on Karangahape Road. Only $5 too.


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