Friday, June 18, 2010


Golden Grrrls - The Red Sea

Golden Grrrls - Billy

So into this mega fuzzy pop, equal parts Scottish twee and grunge and full of a DIY zest that seems super Glaswegian (stuff seems to be hypercolour up there even if the buildings etc are the same colour as down here in crappy England), a little bit of grid paper for healthy measure and also that C86 weak DIY lilt to the riffs and vocals that gets covered up by awesome guitar/vocal harmonies and melodies. They're touring the UK this coming week, pretty psyched for that, especially the Newcastle show with Totem Recall and Boy's Bedroom

22nd - Head Of Steam, Newcastle w/ Totem Recall, Boys Bedroom

23rd - The Well, Leeds
24th - Dance Magic Dance, London w/ Fair Ohs and Cold Pumas
25th - Cowley Club, Brighton w/ Fair Ohs, Cold Pumas & Sauna Youth
26th - Deaf Institute , Manchester w/ Please, Mazes, Human Hair & Prize Pets

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Small Town Romance said...

Been in the red sea many times, it's not half as cool as these songs.

Alysha said...

such badass songs
love the blog-im an avid follower

gervin said...

You had me at "C86".